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Tips in Using Steroids – and Avoid the Unwanted Effects

A lot has been said about steroids, both good and bad. Some say it helped them gain muscles while there are others who said that it made them violent and irritable. Still, one thing is for sure: there are proper ways on how to take steroids and you need to do it right.

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To make sure you are right on track, here are tips and things you need to know when taking steroids:

  1. Establish Your Fitness Goals

Before you take anything, it is vital that you establish your fitness goals. Do you want to gain muscles? Are you after boosting your performance during training? Do you want to be able to recover faster after a workout?

In other words, it is essential to lay down your fitness goals before you shop for steroids. Once you know what you want, read the next tip.

  1. Do Your Research

Since you established your fitness goals, the next thing you need to do is to do your homework. Find out the best steroids available in the market and filter them according to what you want to achieve. Narrowing your choices will make it easier for you to find the best steroids based on your needs.

  1. Oral versus Injection

There are two common ways on how to use steroids: orally or by injection. If you go for tablets, oral steroids are hepatotoxic, which means it passes through your gastrointestinal tract then to the liver, which is tasked to destroy such before it enters your bloodstream. On the other hand, injectable steroids are injected into the muscle and avoid passing through the liver.

  1. Frequency of Intake

How long you will take steroids will depend on your doctor’s recommendation. Nonetheless, you will be required to take the supplements for a minimum of four weeks before you see a noticeable improvement in your body and performance. In case of injectable steroids, twice a week is recommended.

  1. When to Take Steroids

This will depend on the kind of steroids you are using. For injectable, you can inject them any time of the day as long as it is done twice a week. If you are taking oral steroids, they should be taken daily and preferably after four hours minimum in between intake. Don’t forget to eat to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

Steroids may bring you the results you wanted, but at the end of the day, precaution must still be observed. Remember these tips and prevent yourself from suffering from unwanted effects.

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