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Forms of Anabolic Steroids – What You Should Know


Anabolic steroid is the proper name for steroids that are being used and consumed for looks and enhancement. Apparently, it is formally called as Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids or AAS. However, in the recent times, people refer to it simply as steroids.

These steroids are usually consumed for the purpose of male enhancements and maintenance. Usually in the form of pills, many tend to purchase and intake these due to the fact that it brings a lot of benefits especially to men.Anabolic-Steroids

The popularity of the AAS started way back in the early 1930s. Sports enthusiasts and athletes made it known to the public since it catered a lot of muscle and activity improvements. Moreover, steroids are the most choice of many men who do bodybuilding and weightlifting. Alongside the benefits to the overall appearance, steroids are also consumed for the purpose of enhancing male hormones.

As the time passes by, many researches and studies have been made about steroids or AAS and its effects. The results apparently are not that good making it one of the highly illegal drugs. Although the positive feedbacks and benefits are found to be true, there are still harmful and adverse effects. In actuality, these negative effects are to be seen on a long term process.

Apparently, the widespread use of AASs or steroids is very much rampant since then. It is made available to every possible market. Also, steroids for sale are made convenient to the public due to that these sacs may be consumed in different forms.

Three forms in which AAS are being consumed today:

Commonly, you may intake and consume steroids in different ways. Several manufacturers from different markets especially in UK and USA made it possible to take steroids and AAS in the most convenient ways for you.

  1. Oral Pills

Steroids in the form of pills are the most common and usual. In addition, it is also the most convenient way for consuming steroids today and many people attest to that. However, it is found that it is not as efficient as the other forms in terms of its effectiveness. Only 1/6 of the whole pill is transformed into active metabolites.

  1. Injectable Steroids

Injectable Steroids

Injecting of steroids is apparently not a very convenient one for consumers since injections are scheduled only between once a week up to once every 12 weeks. Depending on your choice and desired level of AAS, the process is done in a very meticulous way since the steroids must be injected through the muscles and not with the veins. However, this is the most efficient and effective form.

  1. Skin Patches as Creams and Gels

Consumption of steroids with the use of creams and gels is the most expensive form of administering AAS. This is the reason why  creams and gels are not that popular in the market. In addition, the effectiveness and efficiency is very low in comparison to the others.

Moreover, there are tendencies and risks that partners and children may come contact with the application and may dose themselves as well.

In totality, consuming of steroids and AAS must observe precautionary measures. These forms are actually administered and started when steroids are still very much legal to everyone. If steroids are consumed for medicinal purposes, the common forms of consuming these are must be administered carefully by your doctors and physicians.

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